Video sequence about how the Adysh Gospels, a medieval book, was stored in Bauchi’s tower

In this 3-minute sequence, Bauchi, an Adishi village elder, explains how the Adysh Gospels came to be stored in the defense tower attached to Bauchi’s home. The bible is a medieval book hand-written and illustrated by monks and completed in 896.

Click Here to see the video:


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2 Responses to Video sequence about how the Adysh Gospels, a medieval book, was stored in Bauchi’s tower

  1. sherry says:

    How remarkable… How old is the village elder? What a difficult life to survive there. The sleds used to transport hay are all done by hand, even the handles on rakes and sickles are home made. The tower is stunning in it’s simplicity and workmanship. This elder works all day and frets over his inability to keep up with the repairs on the tower. Do his sons share his desire to do those repairs?

    I miss you both.

    • keithrkenney says:

      Hi Sherry,
      As usual, you’ve made some very thoughtful comments. How old is Bauchi? I don’t know, I’ve heard two answers from him and they differed by several years–somewhere between 85 and 92. Everything is done by hand because there are no stores. I mean, literally, no stores. People have cows, pigs, chickens, so they have eggs, milk, and meat. They make cheese, which they exchange for wheat, which they use to make bread. They also have wood for cooking and heating. The towers are very very interesting. My best source, and the best explanation for them in my mind, is protection during inter-family feuds. This has been an eye-for-an-eye area of the world for a long time.

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