“Mother’s bread”

On the way to Kakheti, we stopped in a village that has a tradition of baking bread in a kiln. Levan Mosiashvili bought a dozen pieces for family and friends; copyright Keith Kenney, 2012.

In the short time we were in the bakery, customers continuously entered and bought several pieces of “mother’s bread;” copyright Keith Kenney, 2012.


Great video from TV Reporting class (click on link)

Tako Merabishvili and Keti Gigashvili produced a 3-mintue video called “The Baker” for their visual storytelling assignment “How to tell story with pictures.”

The assignment was to plan, shoot and edit a short video. The length of the videos could vary, but each video had to have more than 10 shots and less than 20. Students had to edit the shots in a logical order so that the story would develop well. They could not use a voice-over; they could only use natural sound. Their goal was to capture a character and an atmosphere.