Chef Samuel Giordano

Copyright Keith Kenney, 2011

Copyright Keith Kenney, 2011

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Buon Giorno a tutti quanti.

Oggi `e l’ ultimo giorno del ‘ anno ed io sonno incaricato di fare il pranzo per la famiglia.

Per cominciare ho fatto un piatto misto di antipasti composto di: fettini di sopressatta, olive nere, insalatina di cozze al vino con prezzemolo,peperoni rossi-gialli-verde aglio e olio, zucchini alla menda, bruschetini di carcioffi e peperocini, scarolla cotta al seme di finocchio.

Primo e ‘unico: Pasta lumache ala passata rustica  e frutti di mare-scampi-cozze-calamaretti

Per dessert: Torta al cioccolato e ciliegie fresche.

Vino Rosso: Uva Cabernet Sauvignon Argentino della Patagonia-Neuqu’em e uva  Touriga Nacional Portoghese del Alem Tejo.

Caf’e Nero

Champagne Brut.

Hello to everyone.

Today is the last day of the year and I was in charge of making dinner for the family.

To begin with I made a platter of appetizers consisting of: sopressatta slices, black olives, mussels salad with wine and parsley, red-yellow-green peppers in garlic and oil, zucchini with mint, bruschetini of peperocini and artichoke, scarolla cooked with fennel seeds.

First and ‘only: Pasta with seafood sauce: mussels-shrimp-squid

For dessert: Chocolate cake and fresh cherries.

Red Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentine Patagonia and Touriga Nacional- Portuguese Alem tejo.

Black Coffee

Champagne Brut.

Vegetarian leader

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Susanna Melo writes about an old friend.

Forty years ago, neither Marly Winkler (center) nor I (left) would have ever imagined our futures.  We would not have guessed either that it would take 40 years for us to get together again, and that our meeting would be in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. Life has its twists and turns, and it is great when friends reunite after such a long period of time!

How did we find each other?  Well, while I was in Tbilisi, Georgia, I had some time on my hands, so I decided to Google friends from my teenage years in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul.  I was surprised to find Marly on YouTube being interviewed at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in Denmark, where she talked about the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. I have come to learn that Marly is President of The Vegetarian Society of Brazil and that she has just become the first Latin American President of the International Vegetarian Union, which has been in existence for 103 years. She is also the author or translator of many vegetarian publications.

Marly’s biggest accomplishment for 2012 is the launching of the campaign, “Segunda Sem Carne,” (Mondays Without Meat) in the city of Sao Paulo (20 million inhabitants).  The city’s school system has adopted the idea of no meat on Mondays. Way to go, Marly!

Family photos

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Kennedy Schisler family, by Susanna Melo

Samuel Giordano's family, by Susanna Melo

Millard Schisler's family

Susanna Melo's family

Just another day in paradise

Sisters Susanna Melo and Debora Schisler

Brothers Millard and Kennedy Schisler

Cousins, Christmas 2011, Florianopolis

This is what a good movie looks like

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Beach fun

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Sagui monkeys–special visitors to Edith’s yard

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