We like to stay with different families in Adishi

In our fall, winter, and spring visits to Adishi, we did not stay with families with young children, but on our summer visit, we stayed with Gunter Avaliani and his wife Zaira, their two daughters: Ia and Jameki, and three grandchildren (from left): Lika and Giorgi Mamulashvili as well as Levani Avaliani. Copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.


Zaira Avaliani prepares a meal for us on her wood-burning stove. We enjoyed kachapuri, fried potatotes, fresh tomatoes, a cheese-grits dish, and several other Svan dishes during our visit. Copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.


Several Adishi children played together outside Gunter Avalianai’s home. Copyright Keith Kenney, 2012.