On this day, eight years ago . . .

Susanna and I were married at Washington Street United Methodist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, eight years ago on this date–July 24. We first met exactly two years earlier on a group Fulbright trip to South Korea for educators in South Carolina. We really believe that we love each other today more than ever. We wish that everyone can experience the closeness, friendship, and happiness that we’ve enjoyed.

Planting potatoes in Adishi

Tsotne Kaldani helped his family by controlling the oxen and by burying the potatoes with dirt; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.

In addition to cooking, cleaning and washing, Nino Kaldani joins the family in the fields to plant potatoes; copyright Susanna Melo.

Keith Kenney videotapes the end of the potato-planting day for the Kaldani family; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.

Spring plowing in Adishi

Keith Kenney works on a documentary film about Adishi in Svaneti; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.

Giorgi Kaldani struggles to make the oxen turn so they can plow a new row; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.

Tarzan Kaldani and his son, Giorgi, plow one of the family’s four potato plots; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.

Giorgi Kaldani heads home after plowing two fields on steep slopes above the family home in Adishi; copyright Susanna Melo, 2012.