Living on a movie set

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Copyright Susanna Melo, 2012

We asked Samuel Giordano to take us to the location of his daughter, Giovanna’s, first film. Giovanna studies cinema at FAAP, and she made her first short film at “graffiti corner” in Vila Madelena in Sao Paulo. As we parked the car, we met a local resident of 62 years, who is selling his home. He said that almost every day, and most nights, cinematographers come by to film scenes in front of his home. He rents his bathroom to them. Graffiti artists also visit to see the work of their heroes and to repaint a wall. Buying his house would be like living on a constantly changing movie set.


After a long train ride, why not sit down and play a piano–it’s available to everyone

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Business in Sao Paulo

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São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, as well as South America, as well as in the southern hemisphere. According to the 2010 census, there were 10,659,386 people residing in the city.

Affectionately called the “Brazilian locomotive”, Sao Paulo drives the economy of the nation. Not only is it home to almost every major and minor industry of Brazil, it is also headquarters to more German companies than any other single city outside Germany, and it is headquarters to more American companies among any other city outside the United States.

GDP = $21,000. Cost of living world ranking in 2011 = #10.

There’s even room for this organ grinder in downtown. For a small fee, his parrot picks a slip of paper  from a box. On the paper is written your fortune.

Fun art

These photos show an artwork called “Their shared planet, 2011.” The artwork consists of a set of color filter glasses with mirrors, which turn the immediate area in a spherical kaleidoscope. The artist is Olafur Eliasson, and the museum is the Pinacoteca in Sao Paulo.

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The photo below shows another artwork by Eliasson, which is called “Microscope to Sao Paulo, 2011.” For this piece of art, Eliasson used a kaleidoscope of mirrors to fill the inner courtyard of the Pinacoteca museum. At the top of the image, you can see reflections of Susanna and me; at the bottom you see people on a walkway.

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Good choice

Samuel Giordano and Susanna Melo study the menu at the Municipal Market.

We all chose the traditional (and famous) bologna sandwiches!

How many dogs can a dogwalker walk?

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Some people prefer to walk one at a time in order to avoid problems. Others walk a group of dogs because a group is more sociable.

A more important question is: How much can you earn walking dogs? If you walk a dog for 1 hour per day, Monday through Friday, you can charge $180 per month. If a family has multiple dogs, you can earn $700 per month. If you can sign up multiple families with multiple dogs, then . . .  you can earn some serious money. The graphic on the right shows average salaries for dogwalkers in different US cities.,TX%25257CChicago,IL%25257CDallas,TX%25257CAtlanta,GA%25257CNew%252520York-Manhattan,NY%25257CCharlotte,NC%25257CMiami,FL%25257CLos%252520Angeles,CA%25257CPhoenix,AZ%25257COrlando,FL&w=500&h=350&ei=dtgET9SOHNHqtgfA1-3UBQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=179&vpy=152&dur=173&hovh=188&hovw=268&tx=169&ty=109&sig=110849771046958339238&page=1&tbnh=134&tbnw=185&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0

The Oca

My sweet niece, Giovanna Giordano and her namorado Marcelo, gave us a tour of Sao Paulo. One stop was Ibirapuera park, which includes the Oca, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The white domed structure houses traveling art exhibits. It was built in 1951 to commemorate the city’s 400th anniversary. It is called the “oca” because it resembles the traditional Native American dwelling.

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Ibirapuera park; copyright Keith Kenney, 2012