Communication, Community and Culture

J-463A: Communication, Community and Culture

In this course, we will use communication to learn about communication. We will talk with our Jamaican host families and with people in the rural community of Petersville, Jamaica. Some of these conversations will lead to more formal interviews, which we will record. We will use video to record people and events. We will collaborate with classmates in order to create a 26-minute video.

While learning about communication, we will learn what it means to be a community. We will discuss how our class is a community, and during Spring Break we will be guests in a rural Jamaican in Westmoreland County, Jamaica.

We will also gain an understanding of Jamaican cultural values, beliefs, traditions, and perspectives. By learning about Jamaican culture, we will develop an understanding and appreciation of our own culture.

Instead of a lecture course, or seminar course, or independent study, this is a service-learning course. During Spring Break, we will “serve,” or work voluntarily, on a light construction project in “our” rural community in Jamaica.

Additional resources:

Syllabus (2011)

Film Analysis Evaluation Rubric

Film Proposal Rubric

Film Review

Oral Presentation Rubric

Teamwork Rubric

Video Editing Matrix

Videography Rubric

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