Literature of Journalism

J-749: Literature of Journalism

According to the catalogue, the description is:  “A reading survey of important contributions to journalism letters.”

In my mind, you should be reading important books and articles in each of your graduate courses. Moreover, since some of you have a primary interest in public relations or advertising, I don’t think it serves your interests to read about journalism. This course, in other words, can better serve other purposes. Like all required courses for the M.A. degree, Jour 749 should prepare you to successfully complete a thesis. Other courses help you with two important chapters: Jour 701 will teach you research methods and Jour 702 will teach you theory. Another two courses will provide context for your thesis research and/or provide additional help with research methods: Jour 706 covers law; Jour 720 covers history. What you need, and this course will supply, is an understanding of how to find, use, and evaluate the sources you need to conduct a literature review, how to analyze and synthesize the information in those sources, and how to write an integrative literature review. An integrative review presents the state of knowledge concerning the concepts/relations of interest and it highlights important issues that research has left unresolved. It can be qualitative or quantitative (i.e. meta-analysis). You’ll also learn how to write the various parts of a research article or thesis, including hypotheses, purposes, titles, introductions, definitions, method sections, analysis sections, discussion sections, and abstracts.

Additional resources:

J-749 Syllabus (Spring 2011)

Tips for defining your topic

Literature review rubric

Sample paper 1

Sample paper 2

Sample paper 3

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